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Unlimited vacation you say?….bonus! But even a great benefit comes with concerns. Ironically enough, one of the major concerns is that employees actually end up taking less vacation than they would have if given a set amount of vacation days.

Going on vacation is extremely important. Many studies show the positive effect taking vacation can have on employee morale and effectiveness. So with the launch of unlimited vacation here at TextNow, I’d like to share some potential destinations for your well deserved rest and relaxation.

1. Fun Under the Sun

Okay, so this one may not ONLY be for devs, everyone loves a little sunshine and heading towards the warmth is a classic vacay move for a reason. Give me some all-inclusive food and margaritas, with no driving or responsibilities, and I’ll show you how to get your relaxation on. Now, what that really means is I can fall asleep on a beach and get a tan better than anyone out there. Doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as the sun is hot and the drinks are cold, but Cuba is always a favourite for me.

2. Electronic Entertainment Expo — E3

Based on the majority of our lunch room conversations, I think it’s safe to assume that the developer world has some video game enthusiasts. Add a little Los Angeles action, and you have the making of a great vacation. This year, E3 takes place from June 13th–15th, so right in the heart of a beautiful LA summer, with plenty of opportunity to explore outside the expo after a day indoors.

3. Spring Training

Just because developers like their computers and video games, doesn’t mean we can’t get involved in a little sports action. Taking in some live sports (along with a few ballpark hotdogs and beers) sounds like a great time to me! As an added bonus, spring training is down in the sunshine state of Florida, which sure beats the heck out of the freezing temperatures here in Canada. Let’s go Blue Jays!

4. Sights and Sounds of the World

A destination with a bit of history and substance is a favourite around our offices. For all you sightseers out there, there’s always the potential to get out into the world and explore a new culture or landmark. The Great Wall of China is on my list. Sidenote: the TextNow team recently went to check out the movie The Great Wall, and based on the historical accuracy of that film, apparently some crazy stuff happened over there ;). All kidding aside, there are many wonders out there in the world to explore, and hey! if you‘re thinking about checking out Niagara Falls — come see us, we are right around the corner.

5. Nowhere at All

Finally, since staycations are trendy and I’m all for doing less and just relaxing, why not just stay put. Coming full circle back to my comment about our love of video games and the E3 recommendation, I know a few guys here at TextNow with quite the Steam library. Maybe it’s time you finally get a few of those “sweet Steam deal” games on the played list. At any rate, these kind of vacations are easy on the wallet and definitely needed every now and then.

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