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Companies like to tell the stories of their employees by setting up profiles, perhaps even adding in an interesting quirk here and there. But to really find out what it’s like to work at TextNow, and how we all interact with each other, I’d like to tell a story about an emoji.

As you may or may not have heard, we are looking for some new talent to add to our team. On top of our Summer Sign-On campaign (where every new hire will receive a 13K sign-on bonus), we’ve decided to run a networking event in August. This event will revolve around meeting the TextNow team while engaging in some friendly video-and-board gaming. To market this event, we’ve decided to capture our employees’ “game faces” as a way of highlighting the great talent that we have in our office.

And from this project, rose a superstar.

That’s Liam, our resident Team Lead for internal tools

From personal experience, I can tell you that sitting in a chair and trying to re-enact the facial expressions you would make when you’re playing a game is no easy task. Must admit, it made me rethink Derek Zoolander’s talents as a model after that experience.

But that’s not Liam. He’s not shy, nor is he worried about his coworkers’ opinions. In fact, he revels in being the one to make others laugh and creating a comfort zone for everyone to partake in at work. And yes, during this shoot, he did in fact yell. Repeatedly. You’d think that would have been distracting, but… Mondays, right?

Now, if you haven’t heard of Slack, it’s a fairly popular business communication tool that we use to create channels for different projects, and be able to reach anyone at anytime. It’s like MSN Messenger for adults. Once this design asset was completed, and the details for the event finalized, it was posted in a general channel for all employees to see and learn more about the event, but most importantly, talk about Liam. And from there, an emoji was born.

You might be asking yourself, “Why am I reading about a screaming developer emoji?” Because that’s what it’s like to work at TextNow. Everyone uses the phrase “work hard, play hard”, but we actually live by it each and every single day. Liam is one of many great characters around the office that will make you laugh, but will also respond to your question on Slack within 30 seconds, and find a solution to your problem before the hour. We are all playing as teammates, not competitors.

So if you’d like to come join our team, show us your best moves at our TextNow Summer Games event and check out all our open positions here !

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