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Everybody on the internet, I’d like you to meet Anthony. Anthony, this is everybody.

Anthony G. is one of our recent hires, who works remotely from “New Yawk” in our iOS division. (Please, correct pronunciation only.) He’s also a budding internet superstar, and has a fantastic channel you should probably subscribe to if you’re interested in software engineering, entrepreneurship, sports, travelling, and strong American accents.

He’s also one hell of a self-starter, as he took it upon himself to showcase what it’s like to work for TextNow’s iOS team remotely. And unlike every other “A Day In The Life” video I’ve ever seen ever, there are actual details: what it means to be a “ScrumMaster”, how working remotely through video conferencing actually works, and how TextNow manages our work/life balances. Are there shots of code snippets? Yes. Can you see a screenshot of a pile of JIRA tickets? Also yes. Are you confused as to what either of those two things are? Then lucky for you Anthony is here to explain it!

If you’re interested in working with TextNow, we want to hear from you. Click here for our current job openings, and come join the team!

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