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TextNow is evolving the way the world connects. That’s because we’re made up of people with curious minds who bring an optimistic yet critical lens into the work we do. We have employees in Canada and the US who work on various teams (Engineering, Marketing, Recruiting, and more) to help our app run. Watch the video here: TextNow in One Word 



We asked our employees to think of a single word that best described working at TextNow and being part of our community. “Inclusive,” “progressive,” “rewarding,” are just a few we heard, but we wanted to dig a bit deeper into the reasons they choose these words. These are some of the reasons:  

  • Matthew French, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion SpecialistAuthenticity. Our mission of democratizing communication is authentically at the top of our minds. 
  • Crista Osher, Business Recruiter: People. The people at TextNow are top-notch – they are what creates such a fantastic and collaborative environment. 
  • Valeria Dulava, Marketing Communications Manager: Challenging. The work rarely ever becomes stagnant or feels like something you can do with minimal effort. It’s constantly evolving and opening up avenues for a better and more successful outcome. 
  • Suzanne Salzberg, VP of TalentExciting, never a dull moment. Love working here because no two days are the same and our growth both with the product and hiring so many great people is so exciting so many ways. 
  • Evan Fein, Chief Financial Officer  & Chief Operations Officer: Inspiring. We help the underserved- the 99%- those that need it the most. We close the wealth gap. We are on the right side of history. 
  • Darin Leach, Sales Director: Exciting. TextNow is exciting for many reasons: 1) we are bringing important communication tools to millions of consumers each day who may not otherwise be able to communicate with their family, friends and business clients without TextNow. 2) TextNow is an exciting place to work, with great people from all backgrounds who share a mission to bring the best service to consumers and 3) TextNow is growing our service and working closely with major brands and advertisers who support our mission and engaging with our consumers in ways that drive growth for our business. 
  • Anthony Fadero, Senior Software Developer in TestAwesome. I used the word awesome because it’s how I feel about working at TextNow right. I work with a lot of amazing people who have been great in contributing to my overall experience working here. In my mind the word awesome kind of sums up my experience on all fronts. 
  • Mau Adedeji, UA Marketing Campaign ManagerAutonomy. I’m proud that TextNow provides everyone the autonomy to work how/when/where they best choose. In line with our work-best policy and the current realities of remote work, I can truly enjoy working from home and collaborating virtually with most of my colleagues and partners that are in the US. 
  • Asif Ali, System Support SpecialistSupportive. Ever since I started as a Coop in Jan 2019 and starting Full time in April 2019, up until now the amount of support I have received from my Managers, teammates and the company in general has been at the highest level. All the skills and knowledge I needed in my role now were taught by the team. The team and other TextNow employees helped in adjusting to this work atmosphere. Recently I had gone home(in India) during January for vacation and was supposed to be back by May. But due to Covid related travel restrictions and other reasons I couldn’t reach back until October. TextNow and my manager supported me all the time by letting me work remotely from there(whereas I had thought the company might have to let me go) and I honestly cannot think of any company doing the same as what TextNow did. 
  • Alyssa Fung, Marketing Communications CoordinatorInspiring. I chose this word because I am constantly learning from my co-workers and my team. I’m amazed by their ability to create content, campaigns, and overall have such an amazing work ethic. Looking at the company as a whole as well, and the growth and commitment that we have to our customers and employees is simply inspiring. 
  • Mirela Cialai, Senior Director, Retention MarketingSupportive. From the first day I joined TextNow I was overwhelmed with how welcoming and supportive everyone was and how well-thought was the onboarding process, which helped me accommodate almost immediately despite all challenges posed by joining virtually due to the pandemic. Additionally, before joining TextNow I was with my previous employer for over 10 years and at first I was concerned about how well I would be able to adapt to a new team, a completely different industry, new product, etc. however I can honestly say that I felt part of the team from day 1 even in this challenging working environment where the teams I work with are thousands of miles away! 
  • Mark Winkler, Accounting SpecialistGrowth. Not only is the company in itself experiencing growth, but the employees of TextNow are also learning, developing and growing as individuals in their respective fields. 
  • Ken Willner, Chief Growth Officer: Not boring. Because we are disrupting an industry (wireless), there is always something new and interesting to work on at TextNow, which keeps me engaged. New challenges every day. 
  • Lovepreet Singh, IT Support Specialist: Teamwork. I chose this word because teamwork is essential to maintain an enjoyable work environment. 

What would your one word be? TextNow is hiring. Check out our current job openings.  

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