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On a day like today (-18c in Waterloo), it’s hard to remember that summer is right around the corner. This year we’re doing things a bit differently with regards to our Co-Op program.

Our Co-Op program has been wildly successful in Waterloo for many years, as we welcomed new students from University of Waterloo. But this year we’re opening the program for you folks south of the 44’th parallel as well:

In 2021 TextNow welcomed 123 new hires, with a good amount of those being in the United States… so we thought it was time to let US students in on the internship fun.

So, to that end, we’re pleased to kick-off our Co-Op & Internship program for Summer 2022. We’ll be recruiting students to join TextNow within our People, Engineering, Product, Data Science departments (and more) for Summer 2022.

The TextNow internship program allows students to gain hands-on experience with skill sets that are marketable and desired in today’s workforce. Students also get to gain professional  development opportunities, mentors, and access to professionals from across North America.

For an in-depth look at what our Co-Op program is like, check out this blog from Zak, a former co-op who evolved into a real employee.

We’ve hosted some students to our Waterloo office for a pretty amazing Open House for the Co-Op curious, and we hope to have another one later this year (Covid willing, of course.)

Open House 2021
Open House 2021

You can review our openings for US on the TextNow website and on the University of Waterloo WaterlooWorks site for Canadian students.


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